What to Expect

You may have chosen, or have been recommended to have a Podiatry assessment, gait analysis, or biomechanical assessment with a Podiatrist.  This may be because your pain or injury is related to the way your feet move in standing, walking or running.  Alternatively, you may not be suffering from any pain or injury but may have chosen to have a Podiatry assessment for injury prevention, to make footwear more comfortable (e.g. ski boots), or to enhance muscle efficiency, proprioception (balance), or sporting performance.

You are advised to bring a pair of shorts to your assessment or a pair of trousers that roll up well above the knee (and stay up when walking) as well as the trainers or footwear you use for sport and any shoes you wear for more than a few hours per week.


During the assessment, we will ask specific questions about your injury and then carry out some tests and a biomechanical assessment.  This usually includes an assessment of your legs and specific measurements on the treatment couch and in standing.  You may also be asked to walk or run while we watch you move.  We will then discuss her findings with you fully and advise if further treatment, referral and/or in-shoe orthotic/insole devices are recommended.  CAD/CAM (computerised imaging and manufacturing) orthotics may be recommended but not always, sometimes no devices are recommended and occasionally ‘off the shelf’ devices will suffice (this will only work if your left and right feet are very similar and you do not have a flat or very high arch).  In the case of the diabetic foot or those with a painful plantar corn simple insoles are a good alternative.  These options are always fully discussed with the patient before orders are placed.

Covid 9

Please be assured that all safety and PPE measures are in place to keep you, your family and our staff, safe and healthy.

We are adhering to all guidelines and Policies provided by our governing bodies.

Do not visit us if you have Covid19 symptoms, and report to us if this happens during your visit for trace purposes.

On arrival, your temperatures will be taken and we will ask you to sanitise your hands.

Our appointments will be staggered to allow thorough cleaning between clients.

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